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Apparently I can’t turn my creativity off ^^; For the last few months my mind has been running with new ideas nearly constantly. I’m burned out on working on my furry universe, but in the last few days I’ve been working on a different universe and even drawing some! Well, more so doodling. I’m doing it with pens so I can’t erase and be super perfectionistic, which should help me just focusing on learning and improving myself. Also doing it in a spiral bound notebook so I don’t waste expensive art paper ^^;


WB - Weird Beauty by Alexander Khokhlov

The “Weird Beauty” project is made in collaboration with great make-up artist Valeriya Kutsan. In these series we decided to deny any color in our series except black and white to make more accent on forms and volume. The experiment should prove that usual simple forms, familiar things or characters can be a main part of wonderful beauty looks. Model faces in this project are not just canvases for the face-arts - they play their own role in each photo with different parts.

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